Writing Diaries: She Won’t Mind If I Tell You

Whenever I get asked about the creative process by those whom have trouble getting words to flow out of their brain and onto a screen, I suggest trying some things to re-establish the energy. I shared these with my adult writing students; kids don’t need as much to get them going, I find.

Now I would add, do not go onto the Internet or switch on any devices. Turn them off. Be with yourself. After all, if you needed noise and constant stimuli, and didn’t like your own company, you would not be a writer! Feel free to use any of these in your own creative predicaments, whether they are in the making of words or any other form of creativity.

Turn on music and dance (personally as an adolescent at heart, the teeny bopper stuff makes me rock out, and makes me so happy, see below)

Sing and get the throat chakra to open up!

Lie on the floor on your stomach, stretch like a yogi

Take a walk, reflect on nature

Garden without gloves on, feel Mother Nature talking to you

Jump rope to get those endorphins moving

Find a hill and ride your bike down it, risk, and let the wind take you!

Go swimming

Take a bubble bath, and unwind

Take a nap and re-charge

Go to your closet. Clothing is a defense but can also set a mood. Dress in something colorful and different from your usual look.

Bake but don’t eat your end product. Exercise another creative outlet and give yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished!

Fantasize about romance

Laugh at what you conjure up- improvisation is the key to creativity

Ask yourself where do you want to write (I wonder if writing on the couch would be better today?)

Sit at desk with new mind-set- commit to putting something on the page

What’s your process? Do share.



  1. The hardest part is that last step. You eventually have to sit down somewhere and start writing, and keep writing, and continue writing, and don’t stop writing until you get something roughed out. Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation, just ideas, dialogue, and action, or whatever your spirit drives you to write. I have found with the current screenplay I am working on, that I have gotten more done riding the light rail train to some meeting or event than I can at my desk. The ride is smooth enough to allow handwriting on a pad of paper or rewriting on a printed script. No phones ringing. No emails to answer.

    My favorite tip for writer’s block is to go to second hand thrift stores. I love thrift stores anyway, so it a good excuse to go, but it also is my place to go for depression, heartache, lost loves, and the grief from deaths. The reason is that you never know what you are going to find in a thrift store. It is the premier store for impulse buys. “I wasn’t even looking for that, but once I saw it, I couldn’t live without it.” In terms of writing, you get to see so many unpredictable things that each can trigger ideas in your head. Maybe it is a plumbing fixture that makes you thing to put a love scene in a bathtub. Or a pink shirt that reminds you of breast cancer. Or an alpaca wool cape from Peru that you suddenly grab as a wardrobe idea. Thrift stores are a fountain of ideas for the writer.

  2. I do not frequent thrift stores but I love retro boutiques, I find them manageable. Both stores have history and every writer carries a ton of their personal history and are aware that they are making it daily, by living, being awake (conscious) of what surrounds them. It’s one of the reasons why we need to travel.
    Even so, that’s quite a process, with many layers to assimilate.
    Thanks for sharing!

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