Who Shall I be today?

I still play dress-up. And, I model my clothes making ‘new’ combinations. The question that looms is who shall I be today and what image do I want to project? Many style icons ask this question and have cited it when describing the process of how they dress. It acknowledges that we have fluid appearances, and that we can change the way we’re perceived at the drop of a hat.

For me, sometimes that question refers to a specific time period or person. For example, on Halloween I didn’t know if I wanted to be Audrey Hepburn, a French dancer or Mumtaz Mahal. Although, I knew I was going to shop my closet and not go out and buy anything. But the idea of identity links more to a particular theme, era or idea. Who do I feel like today? Shall it be chic, a Parisian or an ode to a 16th century figure in an embroidered chiffon Sari leather sandals and bangles galore.

Much of this takes place beneath layers of our consciousness. We may think that getting dressed is a process of pulling something from our closet and seeing what can be added; what colors, layers or accessories to include. But it’s goes beyond that. Part of the pleasure can be in coordinating outfits to the day’s activity. In the picture, I chose what felt appropriate for an evening dinner. The concept was clear-cut. I needed something I could be cool in. And the caliber of the restaurant influenced my choice.

Occasionally, I do not think about fashion. Most of the time, I give too much thought to clothes, since they are a subtle form of language – one in which we can assemble an endless variety of words and sentences, such as boho, ingénue, or classic with a twist. A lace top paired with a full chiffon skirt conveys a very different meaning to a cashmere sweater paired with leather coated pants, and a pair of boots. And in much the same way that one can privately relish the sound of a word, getting dressed can be most gratifying when it is just to please oneself.

With a love of black and white photography, I colorized this photo- Red BCBG sheath dress. Three strand costume pearls by Carole Lee. Vintage tank watch by Bulova. Gold band with 7 rubies. Nancy Gonzales black crocodile clutch and Jimmy Choo black pumps.

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