Through her eyes

The Mexico I write about may be familiar to some, and strange to many. Familiar because they will instantly recognize the landscapes and culture I describe in “Dust Unto Shadow,” and know exactly what I mean when I say that “the future always looks a sun-drenched sun, because no one remembers the past.” Strange because many women readers from different ethnic groups feel a kinship with the story but are not sure why.

There are many Mexico’s in people’s psyches. What I have infused in my landscape are vignettes, stories and folklore.  What readers are telling me is that the Mexico I write about is a secret source of malevolent and benevolent energy, and destruction. In my writing it, it was something I could not explain coherently, as the conflict became the plot.  

The pleasures of the book were in observing the time and place through my mother’s eyes.  And feeling that I got to know her intimately along with those that died before I was born.

And, I became particularly sensitive to a relationship to history, a relationship that stands in sharp contrast to the prevailing attitude of friendliness. I opened the prologue with Sept. 16, 1917, Mexican Independence Day, the day my grandparents met and read it one hundred years later.  And now through emails and comments, I have found a great deal of pride and a resistance to the attitudes that took place.

Such a dichotomy, as with all history, some only want to remember the rosy while others are not willing to examine their deepest thoughts, just as there is racism, an ignorance that represents old patterns, a mind stuck in primal thinking and unconsciousness, that I first encountered when I was six years old.  My young mind infiltrated in shock and hurt knew there was only person who could provide me with a solution and that was my father. And took action, he did.  You’ll read about that at another time.

Today, I continue on and share photos taken on my third signing.

I hope you will join me when I am a part of Author’s Fair on Art Night at the Pasadena Public Library on Friday October 13 from 6-9PM.

To listen to the music, I suggest you turn up the volume, you’ll feel the gaiety of the trumpets.


  1. How wonderful! I knew your reading would be a huge success. It’s easy to see the source of your inner and outer beauty when I see your mother’s gorgeous, expressive face. I have a strong desire to hug her. Not sure why. Probably because she seems to be reaching out with her eyes.

    Anyway, every picture of you is a winner. I’m so delighted for your continued success.

    Love and hugs, M-T

  2. Thanks for responding on my site. Too many hit the “lazy like” button on Facebook and end it, whereas I appreciate real feedback from real people. I’ll share your comment. Mom was not happy with the picture nor with her hair not being fixed, forgetting her earrings and overall casual look. I thought she looked adorable with her embroidered tennis shoes, but then again it’s never about what she wears, it’s her essence. I have on a scarf that she gave me that was once hers, I treasure these things more and more.

    Love to you!

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