There’s something about Mary…& Edith & Cora

The one place where I haven’t been and would love to be invited is New York Fashion week. It’s where established and up and coming fashion designers debut their quirky themes and collaborations for the next season. I watch faithfully from my computer, in the summer, from Paris for the following spring and every winter for the fall season. Preferring the rich luxurious textures and dark dramatic colors of a fall wardrobe; given the choice between the two shows I’d opt to attend the fall presentation.steet-6AWintour-LNyongo-NWatts-Vogue-14Feb14-Rex_b_1080x720

However this year what I couldn’t understand is why the attendees were dressing like it was summer. New York was having a snow-storm and women were out as if there was a heat-wave. Call me old-fashioned but I think dressing for the weather is crucial. There’s nothing chic about pneumonia or a slip in the snow. Besides coats and faux furs make a statement- rich and luxurious.  And why were women wearing sunglasses when there was no sun?

Personally, I don’t understand why the Duchess of Cambridge is outdoors without a coat. England is deathly cold; the damp kind that goes to your bones!

Which brings me to fashion and merry old England.

One of the most pleasurable visual transformations on Downton Abbey has been the changing fashions and how the women are becoming modern. We are witnessing their individualistic freedom of figuring out their place in the world. Many of the customs that seem time consuming, such as dressing for dinner, that keep the servants securely employed also keep the Crawleys in the ranks of nobility. As they have shifted from the Edwardian era to rocking the 1920’s, hemlines have risen, and style with a less constrained look. Take Lady Edith Crawley EdithasFlapperfor example; I adore her flapper look, showing more skin, and how a scarf tied her head with finger waves accentuating her face. And Lady Mary with her dropped waist-dresses and long pendants looks tres chic. Last episode on a visit to see Mr. Ross her geometric suit dignified her place in the world. Lady-Edith



And I love the Countess of Grantham. Soft and soothing in blue, her ethereal ensemble dittoed the outdoor tablecloths at the bazaar and blended with the sky.

Cora elegant before the War

Cora elegant before the War
Cora just as stunning  in the 1920's
Cora ELEGANT in the 1920’s

Even, Lord Grantham, smart in his summer suit, never looked more handsome, especially in this photo. uktv-downton-abbey-s04-e08-14


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