Envision this

What’s a life without art? In my opinion, a meager existence. This month being my month I have begun a celebration, my celebration of life. It began on the first when I was invited to the American Cinematheque where I got to see 8 shorts from the EU. Although the films weren’t to my liking, I loved the schmoozing at the Egyptian theater courtyard and meeting a vast array of Europeans

O’ Divine One- Where art Thou?

There were a handful of reasons why I left Berlin in 1993 and returned to the States, each framed by earlier events, but today I recall the whirlwind of my German memories in which I was immersed.
The best part of being in Europe was everyone I met. Bright young women and men, all artists, who measured their lives with the passion they expressed, buzzing and beating their wings around town- to me Berlin was a hive.