Sierra Madre Book Signing

A book signing may sound glamorous, but mine went like this: I woke up in the middle of the night and stayed awake for three hours, I hoped that the person who was to pick up refreshments would be on time, but he wasn’t, I hoped that those who said they would attend would do so, but everyone waits until the day of the event to inform me of their no-shows, I hoped that the audio will function, but there were technical difficulties, and I hoped that those who I asked to take photographs would remember, and there isn’t one photograph of me. And while I was reading I had to sit down, which I don’t like doing and my nose was running, with no tissue in sight! Everyone who knows me; knows I’m a planner and extremely organized and always have a back-up plan, leaving nothing to chance. But despite making a list of the shots I wanted, in this video there were cuts of the audience when it should have been only me and should have been face front. And while signing copies the squareup app which I needed to take credit card payments didn’t work and my back-up had been carelessly used with battery drained to make this video, which I don’t even like. All that hoping can be stressful. So why do it? Because after all that writing and time and money invested, it’s very enjoyable to watch the faces of my audience as I read and later talk to them. Yes, the signing was stressful, but it was also fun. Right now, I continue on. And if we should meet, do say hello. I’d love to talk to you about my book.



  1. Even though so many things went awry, Linda, I’m sure your audience loved meeting you and listening to you read from your book. A wonderful intimacy is created between an author and his/her audience. Sharing your creation is very special. I wish you many more successful readings and a best seller.

    Cheers, my friend.

  2. I’m sorry so many things went wrong but the clip of you reading those beautiful lines says that what’s really important went right

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