Pretty young thing

Today May 5, marks Do Write’s eighth birthday! A time for reflection, a time to catch our breath, and a time to bring out the baby picture.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past four-fifths of a decade.

In honor of our birthday, we have a small present in the form of an gadget. Click the SUBSCRIBE button to the left to become a reader and share Do Write with friends.

Which, P.S., I’m incredibly proud of.

This week we got a mini-face lift to become a pretty young thing and increase traffic. All of this means that while we were very interested in blogging, there were times we  weren’t particularly interested in going on without an audience. It felt like begging to get a reaction. We usually get emails which don’t help at all. We like getting posted comments here with your IP address that proves you support us! So 500 posts later, we continue to march on to the beat of our own drum. Yippee!

What do you think of our new look?


  1. Thanks for letting me know, Haven’t figured it out yet, I wrote the word, SUBSCRIBE. You can see it on a laptop or tablet but not on a phone???

  2. Thanks for the post on Pretty Young Thing. I like the dancing, and Happy Birthday, and I like your new look.

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