Candia Ferrandiz
Program Coordinator, College of Southern Nevada

“Linda has taught several courses for the College of Southern Nevada Community and Personal Enrichment.  She instructs “Creative Writing,” and “Blogging,” which she designed.  She is very knowledgeable and well experienced to instruct these classes. She is constantly dependable and well-prepared. Her student evaluations are excellent, as noted by the students such as: “She reawakened the writer inside me.” 

John King
President, Joya Enterprises

“Linda taught our team of outsourced writers how to write compelling articles for online media.  Our writing team continues to talk about her with admiration.”

Stephen Siciliano
Managing Editor, Downtown Los Angeles News

“Linda wrote for me as a freelancer during my time as managing editor of “Downtown Los Angeles News.” She was a steady, inventive and reliable scribe who I enjoyed working with.”

Howard Pearlstein
Co-Owner/Principal, Lee & Associates, Inc.

“While Linda worked for us at Lee & Associates Public Relations, she did a great job of writing and editing for us. She was extremely creative, while making sure all the appropriate information was included in various News Releases. She worked very well with our clients.”

Catherine Gaugh
Features Editor, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

“Linda is a very conscientious writer.  She gave the limelight to organizations that had been under-served and was gracious and generous with her coverage. Her writing was honest, impeccable, and consistently delivered on-time.”

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  1. It is a special moment meeting Linda LaRoche. Knowing her includes beauty, wisdom, femininity, education, always learning something, because she is friendly and giving. Look at her face in the photo and you will see it all in her smile. She is an outstanding writer, great organizer and a lovely person to know. Get to know her and her brilliant writing.

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