Green– the color of Peace and Harmony

As a newcomer to the country of Germany, during my second month, my mother believing I would be cold sent me a blanket to stay bundled. Since she had grown up in an underdeveloped nation she held the credence that the United States was a super-power and therefore no other nation could match or surpass the American level of comfort.

Dog Days of Summer

As I drive from place to place, I recall part of the theme song, “…land spreading out so far and wide. Fresh air, town square, you are my wife, goodbye city life…” It was Sunday afternoon and driving home from the grocery store before the scorching peak of the heat hit, as I entered the gate, I spotted a Maltese-Poodle running down the street.

Para mi Papi

There hasn’t been a single article of ‘top city destinations’ in the last decade that didn’t include Barcelona somewhere near the top– and it was easy to see why.

I’m so lucky

The story of two middle age woman cooking, while sympathetic, loving husbands support them both may not sound that exciting, but it’s premise goes far beyond the ordinary, it’s actually a tender love story on marriage and about how much a woman can accomplish and her dreams come true because she is loved.

What Was I Thinking?

My style yearns for the Parisian way of life; where a woman can be a canvas and what she has on reflects her mood, her outlook. Fashion is an art, and reveals our priorities, our aspirations, our liberalism or our conservatism.

Stand and Deliver and the legacy of Jaime Escalante

Today I read that Jaime Escalante, the High School mathematics teacher who inspired the film, Stand and Deliver, has died, he was 79. The article said, he virtually performed a miracle in a tough neighborhood. I disagree, he worked hard and preserved at his goal; inspiring students to succeed