One Bowl at a Time

My mother was and still is glued to her kitchen. She spends most of her time in it, as if it’s a safe haven. Maybe it’s because she’s a Taurus, the kitchen symbolizes home and hearth and is her focal point. Growing up I favored basic foods that she would transform into savory extraordinary

Scents rise from Childhood

There was a grove of tall green pines and magnolias that lined the streets of Savannah, the waft coming inside the sightseeing bus made me experience a form of time travel; the trees smelled exactly like those I inhaled on the way to school in Montebello, CA.

Farewell to Decade Double Zero

With the December madness behind me, in the second hour of the new year, after Steven and I return from a party in the upper middle class city of La Canada amid singers and artists, my head is reeling in impressions from 2009.

You can starve a body, but you can’t starve a mind

As the year winds down I go through my book shelves and make two piles; books that I’ve bought, read and won’t read again that I will give away, and those to sell to a used bookstore. My intention is to make room for more books.