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I’ve fallen behind with my blogging while concentrating on other things. Ordinarily I don’t post news events however this one was significant because it relates to telling true stories.

Mexican journalist Javier Valdez Cardenas was killed on the 15th of May by a lone gunman in Sinaloa state in the middle of the day. He is the seventh journalist to die this year imparting messages about guns and corruption that most people don’t want to hear.

His newspaper has been covering cartel activities. Opposed by government, threatened by drug lords, the publication has been called the only source of honest reporting on the drug war in Sinaloa.

Last March, Valdez said, “Let them kill us all, if that is the penalty for reporting this hell.”

Someone once said that the most important days in a person’s life are two. The first is the day he is born. The second: the day he finds out why. Death is a universal certainty, and as such, means nothing at all if we first and foremost do not define ourselves, distinguish what makes us unique and then and only then can we live intensely, and choose what it is we will die for.

Living for love, I call humane, provided it extends beyond our families and into the universe.  Living for truth, I call honorable, provided we keep our integrity in all matters. Living to impart messages that shed light on evil, I call courageous, provided we take intellectual action to make a stand.  Valdez’s brother often asked him if he was afraid. He answered in the affirmative. So why do it?

Purpose directs our goals. Our energy is converted into work. It gives us a target. We can either choose to be co-creators (with God) and follow this path, our life path or we can choose the mundane, which makes our existence shallow. Many are happy on this road and some are not.

To live for something beyond oneself, is a life worth living.

Valdez is gone, the cartels are not.   Drug trafficking is rampant and most journalist killings go unpunished in Mexico. But Valdez is the reason narco-journalism exists and so many victims’ stories have been told.

The point is not that he died; the point is that he lived.


  1. I do try to keep up w/the hellish activities of the Mexican cartel gunning down brave journalists and judges. I always find it amusing when some privileged, high-profile American woman speaks out on behalf of “women’s rights” in a country like ours and they call her brave. They don’t know the meaning of the word. Valdez was its embodiment. He will be missed, but I pray there are more like him to take his place.
    Kudos for writing about this, Linda.

    Warm regards, M-T

  2. Brave has lost its meaning, especially with those that focus on materialism and look up to those who mouth off in an instant with an unrefined character- simply because they are rich. If we continue to equate wealth with leadership or even intellect we run into a distortion of values. I think there will always be those who stand out and speak-up. Lets’ just hope they do not lose their lives in the process.
    Good to hear from you my friend.

  3. We in the USA are learning that Truth exacts a very high price. Sadly, by pandering to Trump during the entire presidential campaign, our media spawned its own narrative as the generator of fake news. We too, need heroes. May your excellent insights evoke courageous revelations on this side of the border.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and contributing your thoughts.
    The entire world is in a state of pandemonium. Moreover, those that speak the truth in a systematic way have become a rare breed. With newspapers dying, communities won’t have ties to their neighbors, local, regional or national. This was about an unsung hero who lived for a cause and died serving it.

  5. Yes….that he lived, and lived courageously. The truth will never die, though humans beings die for speaking it. The work I do with clients is always focused on identifying the truth, and how to live it bravely. This is a very challenging thing to do…living your truth, and far too many people do everything and anything to avoid taking on this challenge. Yet this is exactly what the world needs more of now. We live in a world of mindlessness, cowardice, and greed. We can change this mindset, one mind at a time, one courageous heart at a time. Truly, that time is here.

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