Obey the Rules…miss the fun

When I lived in Europe, a part of me felt right at home, although I hated snow; the lack of the suns rays affected my mood. Although the German mentality was harsh for my sensibilities,  I found them similar to the French… a friend for life. That’s my m.o. None of that here today, gone tomorrow BFF nonsense for me. Had I been able to escape the long winter it would have been ideal.  What I found most favorable is that I discovered literary places in no time. And I developed friendships with other artists that came from various countries.No BFF nonsense

I never felt that way in New York city; it seemed to be much more of a culture clash than a foreign country. I left with only one friend, a single woman who was a  sensitive and talented writer my age. Her parents were from Ireland.

scarlettI thought New York was an infinite space… it left me with the feeling of being lost. Lost, not only in the city, but within myself as well. Each time I took a walk, I felt as if I were leaving myself behind.Kate


The reason for my ease in a foreign country is that I grew up with foreign  parents, and having “culture” in the suburbs was then an abnomally. Being raised and educated in the U.S., I was not in my parents world either. Thus I felt like an outsider, living between two cultures. I experience that now; a misfit; a city girl living in the desert.



JBDanceNot associating with many of the “traditional American values,” I thought them to be silly, but as it turned out the Europeans found them amusing. Here’s a list:

Driving everywhere


Drinking coffee on the go

Large food portions

Alma Mater obsession

The Prom

Believing that the U.S.A. is a super-power

Fake appearance (nails, implants, white teeth)

Walmart (One-Stop Shopping)

Violence in the Media

Strangers Smiling


Television crazed

I am incredibly grateful to have lived my life elsewhere, as a multicultural experience. And to be able to share it with others. Have you ever lived in or visited a foreign country long enough to hear the quirks that others believe? Tell me about it. MP




  1. Although its easy to see cultural differnces it can only happen when you live elsewhere not when you’re a tourist. That’s when you see the fake, the real and what is valuable in the long run.

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