Embrace Silence

While living in Las Vegas I wanted to try Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is an ancient system from India and is a form of alternative medicine In my initial search I Googled and spoke to about 3-4 people who eventually lead me to Madhu and Baba, who became my friends. They lived in Henderson and would hold monthly Satsangs ( a sacred gathering with a spiritual discourse). On one of those occasions, they had presenter Alice Strauss, speak about Yoga and the mind/body correlation.

I didn’t mean to push your Buttons, I was looking for Mute

Some years back I had a friend of a friend who, when asked a simple question, would tell you everything she knew/thought about a subject. We met at a class. If you asked where you should park, she would tell you the history of the parking lot, explain the institution’s relationship with the lot, contrast this with other parking locations, and somewhere in there