As Above, So Below

Last week when I heard that Haiti was hit by a massive earthquake, I couldn’t believe one of the poorest countries that has undergone political upheaval, a health crisis, still fragile from last years quake would suffer yet another earthquake. Time and again when I observe how lives have been shattered all I can do is try to make sense of it all.

It’s easy to search for answers when removed. But the affliction of humankind is everyone’s concern. I ponder could this be karma – the cycle of birth and death that leads to perfection. But karma seems like a harsh judgment call- why would so many souls that choose to live in a poor country have to endure the hardship of a natural disaster? Or is this disaster the result of a group who committed a past sin and had to face consequences of cleansing together?

I think of my Kabalistic teachings where I learned God is not responsible for mans inhumanity to man. Humankind is solely responsible for determining its own destiny. There is no anthropomorphic God who looks down upon the earth and makes day-to-day decisions. We have been given the gift of wisdom, and it’s up to us, if we choose to use it or not.

In the story of the Prophet Elijah there’s a turning point concerning God’s involvement with humanity. After Elijah establishes the one true God, he travels to Mt. Horeb seeking God’s approval. But, God is not impressed by Elijah, and asks him why he has come. Then, God creates a whirlwind, an earthquake and a fire – but, God is not within any of these phenomenon. So, Elijah does not receive any accolades or favors from God as he expected. He is certainly not recognized as the leader he wanted to be. The only phenomenon Elijah does experience is “a still, small voice”. In my opinion, this is telling us: don’t look to God for approval or explanations – instead, listen to that still, pure voice within yourself. This is where we find our answers.

It’s our mission to follow that inner voice- the one that speaks to us from our soul. And by treating our fellow man as we would want to be treated; expressing love and compassion in all aspects of life we choose life over death and grow in our service to humanity.



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