An Irresistible Pathway

I get a kick out-of-the-way in which Las Vegas transplants refer to California; you’d think it was an exotic foreign location. California is the most populous state in the country, and with much of it having a Mediterranean climate, but other than than those two features, there’s nothing remotely similar to the south of Europe. And while Big Sur is indeed beautiful, as are many other coastal cities, you won’t find cities with neolithic sites or traces of early civilizations. Yet to the uninitiated, you’d think Los Angeles was an earthly paradise or Shangri-La. I’m not saying that’s it’s not habitable or a decent place to live, I just can’t get accept all the far-fetched comparisons. But then again, these comparisons are spoken by the babes who have never left the homogeneous security blanket of the United States.

It’s a judgment error for Americans who have been brainwashed to put off travel until they retire; by then their bones ache, they have countless health problems and the spunk to explore and to risk has left them. So why wait? It makes me think of the quote by George Elliott: It is never too late to be what you might have been. This is encouraging not only to late bloomers but also to everyone who wakes up one morning to find that their life has ended up being different from what they would like it to be.

Everybody takes stock of their life at certain points along the way. That’s how we fine tune the game plan, though many choose to operate great portions of life cruising on autopilot: letting life happen believing there will be an endless supply. Looking out through the window pane at life and allowing opportunities to pass by, being content with a view from inside.

It’s a glorious day when we decide to join the game of life whether we are hurled there in a daze with a thud from a major life crisis or we arrive at that place in a more gradual and considered fashion. That moment where perspective changes and suddenly what is possible can be visualized to the point at which the future begins to unfold with wonder is a pivotal moment.

There’s something exquisite about stepping into a world of glorious possibilities from the point of a thunderbolt of epiphany. And it’s exciting to be in a period of reinvention, poised to write a new script; the sky sparkling with a myriad of options that we’ve created ourselves.

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