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The last week cats have surfaced in my life which took me into a tailspin about having one of my own. My kitty was given to me when I was nine years old. I liked cats, but the feline that I quickly named Tiny Mimi, being eight weeks old and Siamese, had all the remarkable traits of that breed, inspiring affection and admiration at once. Within a few days, she quickly developed thoroughly into an engaging personality in our household.  She was my ideal companion. I bought her a collar with a bell and blue gems to match her piercing blue eyes.

To celebrate and welcome her into my life, I threw an ice cream party for my friends and the other kids on the block to meet her.  There weren’t enough ways in which I could demonstrate my love; I doted on her, drew pictures of her, groomed her, coddled her, played with her, placed in her my Schwinn bicycle basket for rides, fed her my favorite ice cream, slept with her, photographed her beauty with my Instamatic, laughed at her mischief, and spoke softly to her when I wanted her love and attention. Being a clever Gemini kitty, she spoke back. And I being her devoted mother, listened to all of her meows.                                                                 

Photographs of her are in my mothers’ photo albums, perhaps I’ll post them sometime. Today I discovered Hollywood film stars also had a fondness for Siamese. Siamese have also made it to the White House, as pets of two President’s daughters. I completely understand. How could they not? Siamese are as loving as dogs, are intelligent, sociable, quick, adaptable, athletic, and they gravitate toward people, not on occasion as other cats do, this fine fabulous feline pedigree does because they are truly the royals of the cat kingdom.








  1. I have a strange relationship with cats. I feel I don’t like the almost pathological killers. To catch a small bird or a mouse and torment it until it dies. Unfortunately this is there instinct But cats, they like me.
    I’ve never been fussy about what breed of cat I would look after. Like people I’ll take them as they come.
    When in Oman I had a cat that was next to wild, unless it was with me. She had two small litters, one litter I managed to find homes for. One of them I wanted to keep “Tom cat”, but one small girl fell in love with him, so he had to go.I found out later the cat became closer to her mother than the little girl.
    Except for one all of the second litter were brutally killed by a rather big ugly battered tom cat.
    I managed to save one kitten, who not surprisingly was very nervous so I named her “Scardy cat” the mothers name was “mummy cat”, very original with the my naming, they would come to those names when I called. Sadly Mummy cat disappeared, probably to curl up and die. Local cats had short lives in Oman.
    Scardy cat would appear from anywhere and greet me when I came home.

  2. This post reads like a girl that is quite sweet as well as equipped the understanding. I am happy with the truth that your cover so well. It appears as though she’s well put together. Thank you.

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