3 Things; photo, book signing, author interview

Ordinarily I shy away from cameras and loathe candid shots.  However there is one exception to this rule; I like the photos that I set-up for myself.

I have a good eye, a discerning eye, and can see a visual opportunity, and prefer my end result over those that call themselves photographers, videographers, and even film directors.

Linda LaRoche

For my visual aesthetic there are more choices outdoors, utilizing the beauty in nature as opposed to lighting and the stuffiness of the indoors. However, there is one person whom I would trust to outrival my aesthetic and that is my young niece, her work is spectacular, but she has never taken a photo of me, so we will see.

The photo I choose for my book signing taken at the Huntington Library Chinese Garden was one I framed and despite that I didn’t even have a trace of lipstick on, it’s a favorite.

I also like the recent photo above, even with my cold red nose and about to blink, I love the richness of colors, the shadows and the way the wind was blowing.

Now for my second topic: In September, for Mexican Independence Day, Saturday Sept. 16, I was asked to read and discuss Dust Unto Shadow at the East Los Angeles Library at 2 pm.

If I’ve sent you this blog post as an email- YOU ARE INVITED and I will be expecting you! You can see the flyer posted here: http://colapublib.org/calendar/index.php?com=detail&eID=114787

And to end a torching hot August, today, The Latina Book Club ran an Author interview on me… you can read if you click on the link: http://www.latinabookclub.com/

See you soon!

Leendah (that’s my name in Spanish)


  1. Hola Leendah! Please count us in. Love your sense sense of expression . Once again, we are very proud of you. You are inspiring 😎

  2. Dear Anna,
    Thank you for your kind words and even more so, for responding. In today’s world with so many hitting a button and not taking action or initiative, I never know if anyone even cares. I am grateful for your reaching out.

  3. Sorry to be far away. That’s the trouble w/living at opposite ends of the country. I will be there in spirit, however. The 16th is our wedding anniversary — the last one before a big one. I’ll let you guess.

    I know you will be wonderful, and I love the picture you have chosen. The color of that dress is just fabulous on you.

    Break a leg!!

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