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     I am a writer with a nose for news, a flair for language, an editor with an eye for accuracy, and a journalist with a heart for communication.
     I can make you laugh or make you cry, but most of all I will make you want to keep reading. Writing is my passion and I believe that good reporting allows me to find out about everything from teaching men about love and intimacy, to informing women ways in which to look at clothes that epitomize the female form. I also enjoy sharing with the public about the performing arts- it can change this world for the better. I read voraciously, devour fiction and believe in the power of literature. 
     In my eighteen years of experience as a writer, I have learned important life lessons such as double-check the spelling of names, and to always keep asking questions.  My geographic odyssey has included Los Angeles, Berlin, New York, Las Vegas, and Pasadena as my home. 
     I am available for freelance work and would love to hear from you:

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